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The Seeke - Mandarin Amyris & Petitgrain Perfume Oil

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Handmade in Sydney by Theseeke, this essential oil perfume is formulated with precious essential oils, botanicals & organic apricot kernel oil.

This highly uplifting scent makes a beautiful ritual for when you need revitalisation. Fresh, citrus, floral & slightly herbaceous, it contains Mandarin oil, Amyris Wood oil and Petitgrain. Botanicals of cinnamon bark, Cornflower Petals & Peppercorns infuse spice in to this bright fragrance. This scent is perfect for those who prefer bright top notes, woody, balsamic notes & lots of refreshing citrus.

Essential oil perfumes will react with the the chemistry of your body to create a truly unique & intimate personal fragrance. The bottle is perfectly sized for you to carry with you throughout the day should you wish to reapply. If you prefer a longer lasting scent, apply your fragrance to the small cloth provided with your perfume, it can be placed in a pocket, or tucked in to an undergarment.