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Yalu - Sleepyhead Bath Soak - 350g

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Handcrafted in Melbourne by Yalu Apothecary, 'Sleepyhead' Bath Soak gives you that peaceful, easy feeling. Immerse yourself into a warm bath full of relaxing aromas of organic lavender, rose, clary sage and stardust. Packed full of relaxing magnesium, zeolite and Himalayan pink salt to deeply cleanse and detox the skin for a gorgeous glow. Let the worries of the world wash away as you prepare your mind and body for sleep. 

Ingredients: Organic lavender flower, rose dust, rose buds and petals. Essential oils: Lavender, clary sage, petitgrain, palmarosa, rose geranium. Zeolite, mag salts, Himalayan pink salt.