Antique Goddess Inanna Necklace - Adele Jade x Folkstore


Adele Jade is a Melbourne based ceramicist and ethical jeweller who uses ancient art practices and raw Australian materials .

Many of her pieces are one of a kind , drawing inspiration from history and nature and studies in archaeology.

We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented Adele to produce this precious adornment.


                            Antique Goddess Inanna Adornment - “Queen of the Sky”

A hand carved pendant made of 22k Gold Vermeil plated over pure recycled Sterling Silver and draped on an Italian made chain.50 cm chain.

Amulet Dimensions- 27 mm long, 15mm wide.

The Goddess Inanna Adornment is a special collaborative project between Artist Adele Jade and Artisan Goods Storeowner Sasha Dommershuyzen from Folkstore

After reading the book “The Path of the Priestess” by Sharron Rose, Sasha found herself captivated by the powerful image and symbolism of the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna - also referred to as Ishtar. 

Artisan Adele Jade has a background in Archaeology and created and hand carved a relief of Inanna. She then incorporated the ancient art technique of lost wax casting to create an alluring adornment, designed to be worn daily, as a reminder of your innate strength. The finished piece encapsulates the look and feel of a precious unearthed ancient relic.

The Goddess Inanna is an ancient Sumerian Goddess of love, the moon, fertility, abundance, self realization and feminine power. She is often shown as a beautiful strong winged feminine warrior woman flanked by two lions to symbolize courage and protection.

Sumer was a rich culture cradled in Southern Iraq, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and known as the cradle of civilization. Inannas shrine, the ‘House of Heaven’ was located in the ancient city of Uruk. Female Goddess worship was sacred during this time as female energy was honored as the matrix of creation.

A fertility figure, Inanna was worshiped as a goddess of the storehouse, and was said to be able to control storms and rain. She had a close connection with the cycles of nature - birth, death and rebirth and therefore a close connection to Mother Earth. 

Mythically Inanna descended into the earth to face death in the underworld and returned to heaven with the wisdom from her perilous inner journey. She was said to have originally descended from Venus, the planet of love, and is linked to the Goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. She was also known as the Morning or Evening star, and the ‘Queen of heaven’ or the’ sky’. She has a close connection with the moon  and was the daughter of the Sumerian ancient moon deity Nanna. 

Her wings represent freedom and the ability to gain a higher perspective and therefore uplift humanity.

Her energy is self assured, sensual, playful, creative and loving and encourages us to stand in our power as women. She helps both men and women align with their hearts and intuition. Like the modern day superheroine “Wonder Woman,” she activates strength, leadership, passion and courage, especially in the face of adversity.


A beautiful gift and blessing for those seeking strength, new ventures and a treasure to keep for a lifetime. 

 “She glows with beauty’s shine

                                                               Like the light of the rising moon!” 


‘Hymns to Inanna’  by Sumerian Poet, Princess and Moon High Priestess Enheduanna .

23rd Century BCE.


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